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  • nonexpansive — adj.; nonexpansively, adv.; nonexpansiveness, n. * * * …   Universalium

  • nonexpansive — adj.; nonexpansively, adv.; nonexpansiveness, n …   Useful english dictionary

  • Injective metric space — In metric geometry, an injective metric space, or equivalently a hyperconvex metric space, is a metric space with certain properties generalizing those of the real line and of L∞ distances in higher dimensional vector spaces. These properties can …   Wikipedia

  • Contraction mapping — In mathematics, a contraction mapping, or contraction, on a metric space (M,d) is a function f from M to itself, with the property that there is some nonnegative real number k < 1 such that for all x and y in M, The smallest such value of k is …   Wikipedia

  • Application non expansive — En mathématiques, une application non expansive entre espaces normés est une application L lipschitzienne dont le module L = 1. Il s agit donc du cas limite des applications contractantes, pour lesquelles L < 1. Contrairement à ces dernières,… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Breast reconstruction — is the rebuilding of a breast, usually in women. It involves using autologous tissue or prosthetic material to construct a natural looking breast. Often this includes the reformation of a natural looking areola and nipple. This procedure involves …   Wikipedia

  • Metric map — In the mathematical theory of metric spaces, a metric map is a function between metric spaces that does not increase any distance (such functions are always continuous). These maps are the morphisms in the category of metric spaces, Met (Isbell… …   Wikipedia

  • Injective object — In mathematics, especially in the field of category theory, the concept of injective object is a generalization of the concept of injective module. This concept is important in homotopy theory and in theory of model categories. The dual notion is …   Wikipedia

  • Metric (mathematics) — In mathematics, a metric or distance function is a function which defines a distance between elements of a set. A set with a metric is called a metric space. A metric induces a topology on a set but not all topologies can be generated by a metric …   Wikipedia

  • Opial property — In mathematics, the Opial property is an abstract property of Banach spaces that plays an important role in the study of weak convergence of iterates of mappings of Banach spaces, and of the asymptotic behaviour of nonlinear semigroups. The… …   Wikipedia